A consultant body for the management of the project is  the External Advisory Board (EAB). The EAB is aimed at avoiding conflicts of interests. In fact the main role of the EAB will be to advise the project coordinator in important issues of scientific and administrative content particularly in important decision moments or in case of conflicts among participants. The EAB is composed by:

BARCLAY, Wendy, Ph.D. School of Biological Sciences University of Reading Whiteknights Reading,
Berks RG6 2AJ U.K.
PAVLOVIC, Jovan , Ph.D. Institute of Medical Virology University of Zurich,
Gloriastrasse 30 8028 Zürich Switzerland
VAN DEN BERG, Thierry, Ph.D. Head of Avian Virology & Immunology Veterinary and Agrochemical Research Centre (VAR) Groeselenberg 99 1180 Brussels Belgium